Essie | Rock The Boat

It’s definitely pastel season, as you can see on my nails today! I love these notd – nail of the day – posts on other blogs, and I also love doing them, so prepare to see more. Also bright pink lips is about to go live on the blog, so we have that to look forward to!

This is Essie’s Rock The Boat. It’s a light blue with a hint of shimmer in it. At first I strongly disliked the shimmer, but it’s very subtle, so it doesn’t bother me. It’s barely noticeable.

Essie Rock the Boat swatch review
Essie Rock the Boat nail polish
I’m wearing three coats here and no top coat. It lasted for a whole five days before it chipped even a little bit on me, so needless to say I’m very pleased, as I usually can’t even make it last for 24 hours.

Essie Rock the Boat review

Also, did you guys see the launch of the lip kit by Kylie glosses? I was actually on the site when it launched, and all the lip glosses were still available. I was staying strong though, and didn’t buy any! I really wanted too, both for the blog and me personally, but I don’t feel like spending a lot of money on products no one has reviewed yet.

I checked when Kylie annonced it on her instagram, and from the moment she posted and until they were all gone were about 8 minutes. Like, for real? EIGHT MINUTES. They have me beginning to think they might not be stocking a big amount, considering they’re all gone within minutes. Which honestly, isn’t making me considering them a serious business.