Finish 7 by Spring

Hello there lovely! I’ve been gone from this blog for way too long. Reintroducing myself to the beauty communinity this might be a weird way to go about it as I’m starting with a project pan. A project pan if you didn’t know is a finite amount of time where you set out to hit pan or finish certain beauty products.

Within the project pan community there’s a challenge called Finish 7 by Spring. This is the one I’ll be doing. I choose this one as it’s a shorter timeframe, which I hope will manage to keep me motivated to downsize my collection. According to the world wide web the first day of spring is March 20th, which means that I have until then to finish all seven of my products!

Finish 7 by spring!

Finish seven by spring! too faced, mac, smashbox and more

I’ve chosen products that I think I’ll be able to finish and make a lot of progress with in a short amount of time, just to give myself some momentum to keep going with this journey of mine.

  1. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15
  2. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  3. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
  4. Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer in Milk Chocolate
  5. Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Aurora
  6. NYX Lip Liner in Nude Pink
  7. Revlon ColorBust Lip Butter in Smoothie

My motivation for doing a project pan is frankly that my makeup collection is way out of hand. It’s grown well beyond it’s limits, and now I’ve come to the point that I’m realizing that most of it will go bad before I get to use it up. That’s why I’m going on a no-buy makeup (well you know, unless there’s something I really need want) for now. I’m not really limiting myself all that much, as I will allow myself to buy something if I do crave it, but I’ll try my best to limit impulsive buys. My experience is that those end up in a drawer somewhere not being used anyway.

Finish seven by spring!

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and I will continue to buy makeup, just not for the sake of just buying … I was in that place that I just wanted to grow my makeup collection and didn’t really care what was in it, I just wanted one of those big makeup collections that you see on YouTube. So honestly, this challenge is for me about starting to love makeup again, but for the right reasons – not just to have a huge collection for no perticular reason.

Also don’t worry when it comes to this influencing my reviews and such. I still have about 50 lipsticks to review, so there’s plenty of content to choose from. Are you currently doing a project pan? Please put the link below and I’ll check it out! XO